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If you ever think about getting the food EverPet or currently feed it to your animals, DON'T. This food is poisoning and killing animals all over.

Our cat is doing very bad at the moment because of this food. She's been acting weird lately after eating this food and tonight she was acting as if she was having a seizure or something and trying to throw up. When she finally decided to come out from where she was hiding her back legs were dragging behind her and she couldn't use them and she was breathing heavy. She's having episodes where she's meowing loudly like she's in pain and hissing if anyone tries to touch her.

My mother-in-law put tuna on top of the food just to see if she would avoid eating the cat food once the tuna was gone and she did. She smells the food and doesn't want anything to do with it, but is obviously hungry because she eats everything else.

Every single review for this food is about how their animal died or came very close to dying. This food should be taken off the shelves IMMEDIATELY and this company should be sued.

Product or Service Mentioned: Everpet Cat Food.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Run they are killers, It harming a pet, Almost killed my cat.

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My cat just died a hour ago after eating this twice

to candice Thompson #1519604

I can’t believe they’re still allowed to sell it!


I bought it from dollar general in Lebanon and it killed my dog I don't know why the FDA will not ban this food like they would ban food for humans if it killed them

to Anonymous #1404217

I don’t know why either. It makes me angry.


Wow!!! Our cat was the sweetest, loving cat I have ever known.

Until recently... We already had trouble from 9 Lives and I switched over to Everpet. I told my girlfriend it has got to be the food. He used to play and live on us.

Now all he does is lay around like he is dying. When we try to pet him, he hisses and tears his claws into us!! Dollar General should not keep it secret that this Everpet food has been recalled. I'm glad I decided to research this.

It's a shame.

Now I know what is wrong with our cat. Hope it is not too late to save him.

to Troy Spencer #1404219

That’s terrible! I’m so sorry for your cat


My cat passed away this morning. Please do not buy this food

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